Why choose a board-certified lawyer?

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An attorney who has been certified as a specialist in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization is a knowledgable, experienced litigator and courtroom trial attorney.

Approximately 1% of the lawyers in Texas hold this certification.

The requirements for board certification in Personal Injury Trial Law are challenging.

  • Experience — the attorney has spent a significant portion of his practice handling personal injury cases for a number of years.
  • Trial experience — the attorney has served as the lead attorney in at least ten contested civil jury trials which were tried to a verdict.
  • Knowledge — a board-certified attorney has passed a rigorous written exam covering personal injury law, civil procedure, and the rules of evidence.

There is a practical advantage of having a board-certified lawyer in your injury case.

  • Your opponent, usually an insurance company for the person who caused your injury, will know that they must treat you fairly or your attorney can — and will — take the case to trial.